Different Wedding Traditions Around the World

Nowadays it is difficult to know where all the wedding traditions that modern brides and grooms take part in come from. With the huge popularity of the North American movie and TV industry, couples all around the world engage in traditions coming from that part of the world. In this article, we will present a few interesting wedding traditions from around the world, some of which you might want to incorporate into your wedding day and some of which you will be thankful you don’t have to.


While in most weddings you will see the couple smiling until their jaws start hurting, in this African country couples that are getting married are expected to stay serious during the whole day. Smiling at the ceremony or reception is considered as not taking the marriage seriously.


China is one of the countries that is rapidly approaching the western world while still remaining faithful to its rich traditions. In a traditional Chinese wedding, the bride will wear a red wedding dress with a red veil. Prior to the ceremony, the groom will haggle with the bride’s friends in order to ‘win’ his chosen one. In China, public displays of affection are sorely frowned upon, so the wedding ceremony ends with a bow instead of a kiss.


In this European country, brides and grooms spend a part of their wedding day sweeping the floor. The guests will smash porcelain dishes on the floor to chase away any evil spirits, and the couple will clean it up to show that they can face any challenge together.


In Jamaica, the bride’s wedding day isn’t always the happiest day of her life. It is common for neighbors and friends to line up on the street to look at the bride, and if they are not happy with the way she looks they will yell out insults and negative comments. If that happens, the bride needs to go back home and try again.

Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, it is all about the babies. The wedding day consists of a range of rituals to enhance the couple’s fertility. For example, before the ceremony, an infant baby is placed on the couple’s bed, and after the ceremony, the couple is showered in peas, rice or lentils.


Being closed in your home for three days with your new spouse? Sounds amazing! Except for in Indonesia where the couple is closed in their home in order to strengthen their bond- by not using the bathroom for three days.


In Indian culture, there are many traditions but one of the most fun ones is when the bride’s sisters and female cousins steal the groom’s shoes and demand ransom money to return them safely.